Sarah Craycraft

Sarah Craycraft

Sarah Craycraft


1775 S. College Road
Columbus, OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Folklore and Ethnography
  • Appalachian studies
  • East European Studies (emphasis on Bulgaria)
  • Rural Revitalization
  • Generations and Youth Cultural Practices
  • Projects

Sarah is a PhD Candidate investigating rural revitalization in Bulgaria, specifically exploring residency project formats as modes of return and reconnection between generations and between places. Sarah's work is animated by the question of rural return -- why does the rural hold such fascination for so many people, even those detached from rural lifeways? She approaches this question by investigating the forms of return -- physical mobility, nostalgic return, curated short-term experiences (volunteering, travel/tourism, residencies), commodification and consumption. 

Other interests include public humanities, ideologies/pedagogies of handiwork, village studies, revival, embroidery and women's textile practices, space and place studies, sports and leisure, southern Ohio and Ohio Valley folklife, and border studies.

Methods: Ethnography and Ethnography of communication, semiotic landscape analysis, critical discourse analysis, performance analysis