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Isaac Weiner
Comparative Studies Professor Isaac Weiner, and his coll
Religious Soundmap on Detroit Public Radio
WDET Detroit Public Radio featured a brief segment on th

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Comparative Studies encourages critical reflection about culture across boundaries of discipline, nation, and language. Scholars in Comparative Studies attend to the construction of knowledge and the dynamics of power and authority in a range of historical discourses and practices: social, religious, literary, aesthetic, technological, scientific, political, and material.

Self-reflective and critical analyses of social, cultural, historical and political contexts are central to work in Comparative Studies.  Using interdisciplinary and comparative methods of inquiry, scholars work to account for the complexities of social relations and human existence.

Comparative Studies students are encouraged to develop their critical and analytical skills and to become effective global citizens, guided by an ethos of mutual respect and persistent questioning, and recognition of the value and pleasures of critical intellectual work.


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Associate Professor, Department of African & African American Studies

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Ph.D. Student

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Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Teaching Associate


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