Spring 2019 Graduate Courses


Comparative Studies 5189S Field School

M 2:15-5:00PM | Denney Hall 245 | Cassie Patterson, Cristina Bendetti

Introduction to ethnographic field methods (participant-observation, writing field notes, photography, interviewing), archiving, and public humanities. An introduction to fieldwork is followed by a field experience (where students will reside together in local housing) followed by accessioning, exhibition planning, and reflection. 

Comparative Studies 6391 Approaches to Comparative Cultural Studies II

W 2:15-5:00PM | Hagerty Hall 451 | Franco Barchiesi

Continuation of 6390.  Discussion of theoretical tools, methods of investigation, and key concepts integral to research in comparative studies.  Not open to students with credit for 711.

Comparative Studies 6425 Introduction to Latino Studies

WF 12:45-2:05PM | Hagerty Hall 255 | Ignacio Corona

Introduces graduate students to the broad themes, concepts, and questions raised in the interdisciplinary field of Latino studies. Not open to students with credit for 705, ArtsSci 705, or Spanish 6705 or 7705. Cross-listed in Spanish.

Comparative Studies 7380 Theorizing America

 Tu 2:15-5PM | Hagerty Hall 451 | Miranda Martinez

In this interdisciplinary seminar we will explore varied cultural, political and theoretical constructions of "America," examining what it is, has been and promises to be. We will examine how constructions of America take shape through struggles around terms such as citizenship, nationalism, sexuality, race, ethnicity, consumerism, and class. We will also examine “American Exceptionalism” and discuss its staying power in the American imagination, despite diminished mobility and lowered expectations in the daily life of millions of Americans. The impact of transnationalism, globalization and America’s imperial power will be considered, as we critically compare the theoretical and material "America" with its hemispheric counterpart, "the Americas".  Not open to students with credit for 715.

Comparative Studies 8843 Seminar in Technology and Culture

 Th 2:20-5:05PM | Hagerty Hall 451 | Noah Tamarkin

Explores relationships between science and technology and other areas, including politics, gender and sexuality, popular culture; topic varies.  Repeatable to a maximum of 15 cr hrs.

Comparative Studies 8858 Seminar in Folklore

 Th 2:20-5:20PM | Denney Hall 447 | Merrill Kaplan

Advanced seminar on current or specialized topics in folklore studies. Folklore GIS course.
Cross-listed in English. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 cr 

Comparative Studies 8890 Colloquia, Workshops, & Departmental Seminars

 Th 12:00-2:00PM | Hagerty 451 | Miranda Martinez

Departmental workshop, colloquium, or seminar.  Topics vary.  Repeatable to a maximum of 9 cr hrs or 9 completions. This course is graded S/U.