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Graduate Minor


The Graduate Minor is designed for graduate students in any department at Ohio State. It allows students to supplement their graduate studies with a broader understanding of the theoretical, historical, and methodological concerns related to interdisciplinary studies of cultural and cross‐cultural issues. The Graduate Minor requires 12 credit hours of coursework to include any two of the Critical Foundations sequence (COMPSTD 6100/6200/6300/6400), which examine the history, theory, and practice of comparative and interdisciplinary studies of culture. Six additional credits are to be chosen from courses in Comparative Studies at the 6000 level or above. The latter are chosen according to the specific interests of each student, in consultation with the student’s own advisor and the Minor Program advisor. Graduate students may enroll in the Graduate Minor in Comparative Cultural Studies by completing the Graduate Minor Program Form. Graduate Transcript Designation Forms should be submitted upon successful completion of the proposed coursework. 

If you have questions about the graduate minor, please contact Professor Melissa Curley.