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Graduation Procedures


All students must be registered for at least three credits during the expected semester or term of graduation—if you plan to graduate during the summer, be sure to be in touch with the Graduate Studies Director to discuss the necessary summer tuition waiver.

Graduating students must submit an Application to Graduate to the Graduate School through GradForms no later than the third Friday of the semester in which graduation is expected. The form must include the date and time of the Final Oral Examination. The form is valid only for that semester. The form must be signed electronically by the student, the student’s advisor, and the Chair of the Comparative Studies Graduate Studies Committee.

Students must successfully complete either a thesis, a written examination, or a substantial written paper, as well as a final oral examination. They must verify that their committee has approved and submitted the Report on Final Examination to the Graduate School immediately following the conclusion of the exam, and verify that their committee has approved and submitted the Report on Final Document to the Graduate School by the posted deadline.

Students are responsible for arranging a time for the oral examination that is convenient for all members of the Examination Committee.

M.A. students who complete a thesis and all doctoral students must ensure that the final, approved copy of the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, with formatting approved by the Graduate School, has been converted to embedded-font PDF and submitted to OhioLink by no later than 8 a.m. on the date of the posted deadline.

Detailed instructions for formatting and submitting these documents may be found on the Graduate School website section on document preparation. When submitting the final copy of the thesis to the Graduate School, students should be sure to give themselves time to correct any errors in formatting.

In addition to the above procedures, all students are responsible for fulfilling the following requirements for graduation:

  1. Students must attain a cumulative point‐hour ratio of at least 3.0 for all graduate credit hours taken at this university.
  2. Students must fulfill all requirements established by the Comparative Studies Graduate Studies Committee as stated in this document.
  3. Students must be sure that the Graduate School receives final grades by the deadline published by the Registrar.
  4. Students must fulfill all requirements as described in the Graduate School Handbook, by the deadlines established by the Graduate School.

Please consult the Graduate School Handbook for detailed information about graduation requirements, and see the Graduate School’s Final Semester Procedures and Timelines page for a checklist of milestones and deadlines to meet in the final semester.