Grants and Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Starting your search

The Office of Sponsored Programs maintains up-to-date lists of internal and external funding opportunities. The Office of Research provides a campus-wide subscription to the SPIN Funding Opportunities Database. 

Targeted opportunities

  • Comparative Studies graduate student travel award ($350 per year) To apply, just send your acceptance letter and abstract to the Graduate Studies Director (, who will initiate the award process.
  • The Graduate School’s Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship Program provides small grants up to $5,000 to support graduate student dissertation and thesis research. Autumn 2023 application deadline: TBA
  • The Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme supports interdisciplinary graduate student research through Graduate Team Fellowships and Graduate Research Grants administered through the Society of Fellows. 2023/2024 Society of Fellows application deadline: February 15, 2023
  • College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Student Funding
    • Arts & Humanities Graduate Research Small Grants Program: The Graduate Research Small Grants Program is designed to enhance opportunities for graduate students in Arts & Humanities to conduct research by offering supplemental financial support of up to $500 on a competitive basis. Applications may be submitted at any time, but they should be received by the Arts & Humanities office at least eight weeks before the date when the funds are to be used.
    • The Gordon P.K Chu Memorial Scholarship supports graduate students within the humanities or related humanities-based disciplines, such as Art History or Musicology, with preference for international students participating in a study abroad program or independent research project, or US students participating in study abroad programs.
    • The G. Micheal Riley International Academic Fund shall be used to support international activities in the Humanities including (1) travel abroad by graduate students enrolled in degree programs offered by academic units in the college, to engage in research, attend professional conferences, and/or participate in exchange programs offered by the college; (2) travel abroad by members of the college's faculty to conduct research, teach, participate in professional conferences, and attend meetings on the development or enhancement of faculty, student and staff exchange programs; (3) travel abroad by members of the staff of the college to attend professional meetings and participate in exchange programs offered by the college; and (4) visits to the college by members of the faculty, students and staff of foreign institutions with which the college has exchange programs.
  • Council of Graduate Students
    • The Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum aims to help graduate students share their research with others and recognizes the truly outstanding students at the University.
    • The Edward J. Ray Travel Award for Scholarship and Service honors substantial commitment to service and helps graduate students to pursue their scholarly goals across the globe by financially aiding them when attending distant conferences and presentations.
    • The Global Gateway Graduate Student Research Abroad Grant encourages and promoted the proffessional and academic development of graduate researchers at OSU by providing financial support that allows graduate students to undertake research abroad.
    • The Engaged Scholar Grant incentivizes graduate students to undertake community-engaged research or community-engaged projects, in collaboration with a community partner, that address a specific need or problem within the community (in-state or out-of-state).
    • The Career Development Grant program encourages graduate students to prepare for placement into their chosen field and provides an opportunity to defray associated costs.
  • ​​​The Office of International Affairs offers a variety of funding opportunities for graduate students pursuing research abroad, and coordinates the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships program for graduate students in area studies and the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad program.
  • Critical Difference for Women, Coca-Cola Grants
    • Re-entry Scholarships: Scholarships for women who have interrupted their education due to unforeseen obstacles such as family responsibilities or financial constraints and who are seeking undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees.
    • Research on Women Grants: Grants for faculty and PhD candidates/terminal master's degree students of all genders to support research that explores women's lives, gender equity, and gender broadly conceptualized.
    • Development Grants: Development Grants for Women are designed to facilitate professional development and career mobility of women faculty, staff, and students.
  • The Ohio State Energy Partners Awards program supports projects focused on Sustainability, Leadership Development, and the Arts and Humanities.
  • The Mershon Center supports graduate student work advancing interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to international, national, and human security, with special emphasis on work related to the Center’s three research clusters: American Foreign and Military Policy, Security and Governance, and Recovering from Violence.