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World Literatures Minor

Advising sheet: 

Program Advisor: 

Emily Carpenter, carpenter.438@osu.edu, Hagerty 355 614-292-6961 See the academic advisor for questions about minor and graduation requirements, GEs, petitions, or waivers.

Faculty Coordinator: 

Ashley Pérez, perez.390@osu.edu, Hagerty 225 See the faculty coordinator for questions about courses and research in World Literatures.

The Minor:

The minor in world literatures helps students better understand complex interrelationships between literatures from across the world. It also equips them with tools to think critically about cultural circulation from a range of perspectives. Students read and analyze, in English translation, a wide range of fiction, poetry and drama produced in different parts of the world. In this way, the world literatures minor explores pressing questions about literature in a global context: How do texts move across national boundaries and historical time periods? In what ways are the globalizing forces of today different from those of the past? How is literature related to social change and stability in various parts of the world? Through the world literatures minor, students consider these and many other questions about literature and globalization.

One required gateway course (3 credits):

Comparative Studies 2301: Introduction to World Literatures

One required foundations course (3 credits):

Comparative Studies 3302: Translating Literatures and Cultures OR Comparative Studies 3903: Theorizing World Literatures

Electives (6 credits):

Choose two from the list below. All listed courses are taught in English. Other options, including courses in other languages, may be approved provided that they engage in a substantive way with literatures outside of the mainstream Anglophone tradition. Submit a course description or syllabus for consideration to the academic advisor or faculty coordinator. Courses listed as Electives may have prerequisites of their own. Be sure to consult your advisor about these prerequisites as you plan your minor.

Comparative Studies
COMPSTD 3302 Translating Literatures and Cultures
(if not used to fulfill the foundations requirement)
COMPSTD 3903 Approaches to World Literatures.
globalization, and internationalism (if not used to fulfill
the foundations requirement)
COMPSTD 2101 Literature and Society
COMPSTD 2103 Literature and the Self
COMPSTD 2104 Literature, Science, and Technology
COMPSTD 2105 Literature and Ethnicity
COMPSTD 2367.08 American Identity in the World
COMPSTD 3603 Love in World Literature
COMPSTD 3604 Women in East Asian and Asian
American Literature
COMPSTD 3606 The Quest in World Literature
COMPSTD 3607 Film and Literature as Narrative Art
COMPSTD 3608 Representations of the Experience of
COMPSTD 4597.03 Global Folklore and Culture
COMPSTD 4803 Studies in Asian American Literature
COMPSTD 4805 Literature of the Americas COMPSTD 4809 The Twentieth-century Novel: Transnational Contexts

African American and African Studies
AFAMAST 2251 - Introduction to African Literature
AFAMAST 2253 Introduction to Caribbean Literature
AFAMAST 2281 Introduction to African-American
AFAMAST 2367.01 African-American Voices in U. S.
AFAMAST/WGSS 2367.04 Black Women Writers: Text
and Context.
AFAMAST 3451 Themes in Francophone African and
Caribbean Literature
AFAMAST 4460 Theories in Africana Literature
AFAMAST 4551 Topics in Africana Literature
AFAMAST/ENGLISH 4582 Special Topics in AfricanAmerican

ARABIC 2701 Classical and Medieval Arabic Literature
in Translation
ARABIC/WGSS 2702 Modern Arabic Literature in
ARABIC 2705 The Arabian Nights
ARABIC/COMPSTD 3301 Contemporary Folklore in
the Arab World
ARABIC 3501 Middle Eastern Literature and Post
Colonial Theory

CHINESE 2451 Chinese Literature in Translation
CHINESE 4401 Chinese Poetry in Translation
CHINESE 4402 Traditional Chinese Fiction in
CHINESE 4403 Modern Chinese Literature in
CHINESE 4404 Chinese Drama
CHINESE 4407: Eco-literature in China
CHINESE 5400: Performance Traditions of China

CLAS 3101 Greek and Roman Epic
CLAS 3103 Comic Spirit in Antiquity
CLAS 3104 The Ancient Novel: Narrative Fiction in
Greece and Rome
CLAS 5101 Classical Literature: Theoretical
Perspectives and Critical Readings

ENGLISH 4583 Special Topics in World Literature in
ENGLISH 4586 Studies in American Indian Literature
and Culture
ENGLISH 4589 Studying the Margins: Language,
Power, and Culture
ENGLISH 4597.01 The Disability Experience in the
Contemporary World
ENGLISH 4597.02 American Regional Cultures in
ENGLISH/COMPSTD 4804 Studies in Latino Literature and Culture

FRENCH 2501 Topics in French Literature and Culture

GERMAN 2251 German Literature and Popular Culture
GERMAN 2254 Grimms' Fairy Tales and their
GERMAN 2367 German Literature and American
GERMAN 3252 The Holocaust in German Literature
and Film
GERMAN 4250 Senior Seminar in German Studies:
Literature, Art and Film
GERMAN 4252 Masterpieces of German Literature

HEBREW 2700 Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew
Literature in Translation
HEBREW 2701 Medieval Hebrew Literature in
HEBREW 2702 Modern Hebrew Literature in
HEBREW 2705 The Holocaust in Literature and Film

ITALIAN 2051 Fictions of Italy: Medieval and
Renaissance Literature and Society
ITALIAN 2052 Fictions of Italy: Modern and
Contemporary Literature and Society
ITALIAN 2054 Dante in Translation

JAPANSE 2451 Japanese Literature in Translation
JAPANSE 2452 Modern Japanese Literature in
JAPANESE 5400: Performance Traditions of Japan

KOREAN 2451 Korean Literature in Translation
KOREAN 5400: Performance Traditions of Korea
KOREAN 6445 Studies in Korean-American Literature
Modern Greek
MDRNGRK 3710 Modern Greek Literature in

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
NELC 3702 Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic
NELC 3704 The Novel in the Middle East
NELC 4601 Israeli and Palestinian Literature

PERSIAN 2301 Persian Mythology and Folklore
PERSIAN 2701 Persian Literature in Translation
PERSIAN 2704 Introduction to Persian Epic
PORTGSE 2150 Introduction to the Literatures of the
Portuguese-Speaking World
PORTGSE 2159 Narratives of Travel and Intercultural
Contact in the Early Modern Imperial World
Religious Studies
RELSTDS 2102.01 Literature and Religion
RELSTDS 2102.02 Comparative Sacred Texts


RUSSIAN 2250 Masterpieces of Russian Literature RUSSIAN 2345 Russian Fairy Tales and Folklore
RUSSIAN 3644 Russian Fairy Tales and Folklore
RUSSIAN 4220 Love and Death in Russian Literature
and Film
RUSSIAN 4221 Revolution and Restoration in Russian
RUSSIAN 5225 Russian Emigre Literature
RUSSIAN 5250 The Russian Writer
RUSSIAN 5530.02 Madness and Power in Russia


SCANDNAV 4250 Masterpieces of Scandinavian
SCANDNAV 5251 The Icelandic Saga

Slavic Languages and Literatures
SLAVIC 2230 Vampires, Monstrosity, and Evil: From
Slavic Myth to Twilight
SLAVIC 2345 Introduction to Slavic and East European
Literature and Culture
SLAVIC/WGSS 3310 Science Fiction: East vs. West
SLAVIC 5280 Slavic & East European Literature

SPANISH 2150 Culture and Literature of Spain
SPANISH 2151 Latin American Culture and Literature.
SPANISH 2320 Don Quixote in Translation
SPANISH 2321 The Spanish Don Juan Theme in the
SPANISH 2330 Reinventing America
SPANISH 2331 Caribbean Cultures
SPANISH 2520 Latin American Literature (in
Translation): Fictions and Realities
SPANISH 4557.10 Introduction to Latino Literature in
the U.S.
SPANISH 4557.20 Introduction to Other Latino
Literature in the U.S.

THEATRE 2367.02 African American Theatre History
THEATRE 5771.04 American Voices
THEATRE 5771.06 International Theatre and
TURKISH 2701 Turkish Literature in Translation

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSST 2215 Reading Women Writers
WGSST 2367.01 U.S. Women Writers: Text and
WGSST 2367.02 U.S. Latina Writers: Text and Context
WGSST 2367.03 U.S. Lesbian Writers: Text and
WGSST 2367.04 Black Women Writers
WGSST 4540 Women of Color: Art, Literature and

YIDDISH 2367 Jewish-American Voices in U.S.
YIDDISH 3371 Yiddish Literature in Translation
YIDDISH 3399 Holocaust in Yiddish and Ashkenazic
Literature and Film

World Literatures Minor Program Guidelines:

Required for graduation? No

Credit hours required. A minimum of 12 hours.
1000 level courses may not be counted toward the
12-credit-hour minimum. At least 6 credit hours
must be at the upper-level (i.e., courses at the
3000-level or above or foreign language courses
taught in the language at the 2000-level or above).

Transfer credit and EM credit hours allowed. No
more than one half of the credit hours required on
the minor.

Overlap with the GE. A student is permitted to
overlap up to 6 credit hours between the GE and
the minor.

Overlap with the major and additional minor(s).
• The minor must be in a different subject than the
• The minor must contain a minimum of 12 hours
distinct from the major and/or additional minor(s).

X193 credits: No more than 3 credit hours.

Grades required.
• Minimum C- for a course to be listed on the minor.
• Minimum 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio required
for the minor.
• Coursework graded Pass/Non-Pass cannot count
toward the minor.
• No more than 3 credit hours of course work
graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory may count
toward the minor.

Minor approval. The minor course work must be
approved by the ASC advisor or the Department of
Comparative Studies.

Filing the minor program form. The minor program
form must be filed at least by the time the
graduation application is submitted to a
college/school counselor.

Changing the minor. Once the minor program is
filed in the college office, any changes must be
approved by the Department of Comparative Studies or the ASC Advisor.