Religious Studies Minor


The religious studies minor employs an academic approach to religion, stressing its role as an important dimension of human experience in dif-ferent cultural contexts. A minor in religious studies consists of a mini-mum of 15 credit hours. All students must take RELSTDS 2370 OR RELSTDS 2102.02 and RELSTDS 3972. Two core courses must be chosen from section II be-low. One additional course must be chosen from the list of courses in specific traditions. Traditions from which students may choose are Abra-hamic (Judaism, Christianity, Islam); Indo-Sinitic (Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism); and Indigenous/Folk/Archaic (Native American, Shinto, African). Up to 6 credit hours of overlap with the GE is permitted.

I. Required Courses (6 credit hours)

  • RELSTDS 2370: Introduction to Comparative Religion OR RELSTDS 2102.02: Comparative Sacred Texts
  • RELSTDS 3972: Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

II. Core Courses (Choose 2—6 credit hours)


  • HISTORY 3275: Religion and Its Critics in Modern Thought
  • HISTORY 3680: Religion and Law in Comparative Perspective (cross-listed as RELSTDS 3680)

International Studies

  • INTSTDS 4873: Contemporary Religious Movements in Global Context (cross-listed as COMPSTD 4873)


  • PHILOS 5850 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHILOS 2860: Science and Religion (cross-listed as RELSTDS 2670)

Religious Studies

  • RELSTDS 2102.01: Literature and Religion
  • RELSTDS 2102.02: Comparative Sacred Texts
  • RELSTDS 2670: Science and Religion (cross-listed as PHILOS 2860)
  • RELSTDS 2677: Religion and Environmentalism
  • RELSTDS 3671: Religions of India
  • RELSTDS 3677: Asian Religions in America
  • RELSTDS 3678: Religion and American Culture
  • RELSTDS 3680: Religion and Law in Comparative Perspective (cross-listed as HISTORY 3680)
  • RELSTDS 3679: Religion and Popular Culture
  • RELSTDS 3877: Myth and Ritual
  • RELSTDS 4871: Religion and American Politics
  • RELSTDS 4874: New Age and New Religious Movements
  • RELSTDS 4875: Gender, Sexuality, and Religion
  • RELSTDS 4878: Rites, Ritual, and Ceremony

III. Specific Traditions Courses (Choose 1–3 credit hours)


  • ARABIC 5701: The Qur'an in Translation


  • CLAS 2221: Introduction to the New Testament: History and Litera-ture (cross-listed as HISTORY 2221)
  • CLAS 3401: Ancient Greek Religion
  • CLAS 3404: Magic in the Ancient World
  • CLAS 3405: Christians in the Greco‐Roman World
  • CLAS 3408: Ancient Roman Religion

Comparative Studies

  • COMPSTD 4822: Native American Identity


  • HEBREW 3210: The Jewish Mystical Tradition (cross-listed as JEWSHST 3210, RELSTDS 3210)
  • HEBREW 5806: Studies in Biblical Law


  • HISTORY 2220: Introduction to the History of Christianity
  • HISTORY 2221: Introduction to the New Testament: History and Literature (cross-listed as CLAS 2221)
  • HISTORY 2351: Early Islamic Society, 610‐1258
  • HISTORY 2376: Islamic Central Asia
  • HISTORY 3218: Paul and his Influence in Early Christianity
  • HISTORY 3219: Historical Jesus
  • HISTORY 3227: Gnostics and Other Early Christian Heresies
  • HISTORY 3229: History of Early Christianity
  • HISTORY 3245: The Age of Reformation

History of Art

  • HISTART 3005: Christian Art

Jewish Studies

  • JEWSHST 2201: Intro to Jewish Culture, Thought and Practice
  • JEWSHST 3210: The Jewish Mystical Tradition (cross-listed as HEBREW 3210, RELSTDS 3210)

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • MEDREN 2666: Magic and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages and Re-naissance

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

  • NELC 3230: Introduction to Shi's Beliefs and History
  • NELC 3501: Introduction to Islam
  • NELC 3502: Islamic Civilization through the Ages
  • NELC 3508: Sufism
  • NELC 5578: Islamic Law and Society


  • PHILOS 2120 Asian Philosophy

Religious Studies

  • RELSTDS 3210: The Jewish Mystical Tradition (cross-listed as HEBREW 3210, JEWSHST 3210)
  • RELSTDS 3671: Religions of India
  • RELSTDS 3673: The Buddhist Tradition
  • RELSTDS 3675: Religions of Mesoamerica
  • RELSTDS 3677: Asian Religions in America
  • RELSTDS 4872: Varieties of Christianity
  • RELSTDS 5871: The Japanese Religious Tradition

Minors in Religious Studies are encouraged (but not required) to fulfill their GEC foreign language requirement in a language relevant to one of the traditions represented in the minor program (for example, Arabic for Islam, Greek for Christianity, Chinese or Sanskrit for Buddhism, Hebrew for Judaism).

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Many courses not listed here may count toward the major depending upon the instructor’s specific syllabus. Please contact the RELSTDS advisor (Dr. Johnston) for approval.