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MA Theses

2009-2019 Comparative Studies MA Degrees




Charlie Birge (MA)

Thesis: “The Addiction of Transparency: Observations on the Emotional Neurophysiology of Whiteness”

Advisor: Maurice Stevens


Anh Ho (MA)

Thesis: “Self-Consciousness and Responsibility: Limitations and Beyond”

Advisor: Philip Armstrong




Kate Kaura

Thesis: "The Body of the Goddess: Religious and Political Power of the Indian Female Body and Ruptures of Resistance"

Advisor: Hugh Urban




Dawn Combs (MA)

Thesis: Cartesian Duality and Dissonance in the American Dying Experience”

Advisor: Katherine Borland


J. Caroline Toy (MA)

Thesis: “Constructing the Fannish Place: Ritual and Sacred Space in a Sherlock Fan Pilgrimage”

Advisor: Hugh Urban

Accepted into Comparative Studies PhD Program




Katherine Fitzgerald (MA)

Thesis: “An Outline of the Bibliographic History of Nangsa Ohbum”

Advisor: Hugh Urban

Accepted into Comparative Studies PhD Program


Ziqi Yuan (MA)

Thesis: “‘Isms’ and the Refractions of World Literature in May Fourth China”

Advisor: Nina Berman


Nicholas Flores (MA)

Thesis: “DREAMing the "Right" Way: The Cultural Politics of the DREAM Act and UndocuQueer Social Movements”

Advisor: Maurice Stevens

Accepted into Comparative Studies PhD Program




Maria Barbero (MA)

Thesis: “DACA, Immigrant Youth, and Education: An Analysis of Elite Narratives on Nationhood, Citizenship, and Belonging in the U.S.”

Advisor: Theresa Delgadillo

Accepted into PhD program, Global and Sociocultural Studies, Florida International University


Matthew O'Malley (MA)

Thesis: “Such Building Only Takes Care: A Study of Dwelling in the Work of Heidegger, Ingold, Malinowski, and Thoreau”

Advisor: Leo Coleman

Accepted into PhD Program, Anthropology, Yale University


Divya Sundar (MA)

Thesis: “Saving ‘America's Iconic Liberal City’: The Late Liberal Biopolitics of Anti-gentrification Discourses in San Francisco”

Advisor: Leo Coleman

Accepted into PhD program, City and Regional Planning, Berkeley


Kelly Schultz (MA)

Thesis: “Toward Rangzen, Through Rang and Zen: Contextualized Agency of Contemporary Tibetan Poet-Activists in Exile”

Advisor: Hugh Urban Degree




Matt Brenn (MA)

Thesis: “Reinterpreting (Bio)Politics: Potentiality, Profanation, and Play in the Thought of Giorgio Agamben”

Advisor: Philip Armstrong


Ethan Finley (MA)

Thesis: “In Dreams: A Freudian Analysis of David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. and Lost Highway”

Advisor: Eugene Holland


Christos Gegas (MA)

Thesis: “C.P. Caavafy: (Homo)erotics and (re)constructions”

Advisor: Philip Armstrong


Amy Picknell (MA)

Thesis: “The American Art Museum and the Internet: Public Digital Collections and Their Intersections of Discourse”

Advisor: Philip Armstrong




Seth Josephson (MA)

Thesis: “For the Benefit of the Many: Resignification of Caste in Dalit and Early Buddhism”

Advisor: Hugh Urban

Accepted into Comparative Studies PhD Program


Kay Clopton (MA)

Thesis: “Coffee and Infidelity: a Feminist Close Reading of Yoshizumi Wataru's Cappuccino as Scanlation in the Context of New Media”

Advisor: Ruby Tapia

Accepted into Comparative Studies PhD Program




Keith Padgett (MA)

Thesis: “Sufferation, Han, and the Blues: Collective Oppression in Artistic and Theological Expression”

Advisor: Thomas Kasulis


Talia Weisz (MA)

Thesis: “Voices from Israel/Palestine: A Documentary Video Exhibition”

Advisor: Amy Shuman


Lee Wiles-Op (MA)

Thesis: “If you Could Hie to Kolob: Mormonism and the World Religions Discourse”

Advisor: Hugh Urban




Damon Berry (MA)

Thesis: “Blood Right: Racial Protectionism and the Problem of Christianity in American White Nationalism”

Advisor: Hugh Urban

Accepted into Comparative Studies PhD Program



Sumiko Eguchi (MA)

Thesis: “Being a Person: Ethics of Watsuji Tetsurō and Immanuel Kant”

Advisor: Thomas Kasulis


Carlotta Blackmon (MA)

Thesis: “Routed Sisterhood Black American Female Identity and the Black Female Community”

Advisor: Kwaku Korang


Andrew Culp (MA)

Thesis: “Producing Pacification: The Disciplinary Technologies of Smart Bombs and National Anti-war Organizing”

Advisor: Eugene Holland

Accepted into Comparative Studies PhD Program


Nicole Rearick (MA)

Thesis: “Food is Something That We Gather Around”

Advisor: Maurice Stevens