Comparative Studies Graduate Studies Commmittee

The Comparative Studies Graduate Studies Committee oversees the graduate program. The Committee is composed of faculty members primarily from the Department of Comparative Studies, but may include faculty members from other departments as well. The Graduate Studies Committee is appointed by the Chair of the Department of Comparative Studies and is responsible for making admissions decisions, acting on students’ petitions, making fellowship and associateship nominations, determining procedures and guidelines, and acting as liaison between the graduate program and the Graduate School. The Graduate Studies Committee and its policies are subject to Graduate School rules, as described in the Graduate School Handbook.

The Comparative Studies Graduate Handbook is designed to provide information about the Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy, and Graduate Minor programs to prospective students, to students already enrolled, and to faculty advisers. Please send inquiries or requests for more information to the Graduate Studies Chair, Professor Philip Armstrong, or to the Academic Program Coordinator at the following address:

Department of Comparative Studies 451 Hagerty Hall

1775 College Road Columbus, OH 43210‐1340

Phone: (614) 292‐2559

Fax: (614) 292‐6707