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Religious Studies major

Study of Religions concentration courses for AU 2012

(Religions and Cultures courses for AU 2012)

(Courses not listed below may, given appropriate content, be substituted at the discretion of the Comparative Studies or Religious Studies adviser.)

Courses listed here are ONLY the required and elective courses for the Study of Religions concentration offered in Autumn 2012. Go to requirements to see the range of courses that may fulfill requirements for the Study of Religions. To see all Comparative Studies courses, go to all. Consult your Comparative Studies adviser to be sure the courses you choose are appropriate for your particular program. In some cases, courses not listed below may, given relevant content, be substituted at the discretion of your adviser.

Required Courses:

Comparative Studies

  • 2370 Introduction to Comparative Religion, WF 910-1005 plus recitation, Erzen

Judaism, Christianity, Islam (Judaism)


  • 2700 Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature in Translation, MWF 1020-1115,Frank; TR 935-1055, Meier
  • 2703 Prophecy in the Bible and Post-Biblical Literature, WF 1110-1230
  • 2704 Women in the Bible and Beyond, WF 935-1055, Brenner (ii, iv)
  • 5601 Intro to Hebrew Literary and Cultural Texts, TR 935-1055, Tanenbaum
  • 5603 Readings in Rabbinic Literature, M 515-705, Swartz


  • 3455 Jewish Life from the Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment, TR 220-340, Goldish i.history, iv.social/inst
  • 3465 American Jewish History,WF 1110-1230, Judd  i.history, iv.social/inst

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Christianity)


  • 2280 The English Bible, WF 1110-1230, Fredal ii.texts
  • 2280H The English Bible, TR 220-340, Hamlin ii.texts

History of Art

  • 4510 Northern Renaissance Art, RF 220-340 iii.arts


  • 3229 History of Early Christianity, TR 355-515  i.history, iv.social/inst

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • 2215 Gothic Paris, MWF 1130-1225, Figg iv.social/inst
  • 2520 Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Mediterranean World, 1110-1230, Burgoyne

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Islam)


  • 5701 The Qur'an in Translation, WF 935-1055, Tamer ii.texts


  • 2350 Islam, Politics, and Society in History, MWF 910-1005   i.history, iv.social/inst

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • 2520 Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Mediterranean World, 1110-1230, Burgoyne

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

  • 3502 Islamic Civilization through the Ages, TR 220-340, Pourshariati

Religions of South Asia and East Asia

Comparative Studies

  • 3671 The Religions of India, TR 8-920, Urban  i.history, ii.texts, iv.social/inst
  • 3673 The Buddhist Tradition, WF 935-1055, Kasulis  i.history, ii.texts,

History of Art

  • 5711 Art of India 1 (Buddhism and some Hinduism), WF 355-515  iii.arts


  • 2120 Asian Philosophy, MW 1130-1225 plus recitation.  ii.texts

Indigenous, Local, and Newly Emergent Religions

Comparative Studies

  • 4874 New Age and New Religious Movements, TR 1110-1230, Urban  i.history, iv.social/inst


  • 3700 Mythology of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, TR 1245-205; WF 935-1055 ii.texts


  • 2301 Persian Mythology and Folklore, TR 3-420, Honarmand  ii.texts


  • 3350 Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture, TR 935-1055, Kaplan  ii.texts

Thematic and Cross-culturally Comparative Courses


  • 2860 Science and Religion, WF 1110-1230, Samuels  iv.social/inst

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