Maymester and Summer 2015 Courses



CS 3646 - A Place Between the Rivers: Environmental Citizenship and Ecological Restoration in Central Ohio
Rick Livingston, MWF 1:30-4:40
Description TBA. Prereq: English 1110 (110) or equiv.  GE Cultures and Ideas.

CS 5691 - Topics in Comparative Studies: Listening for Religion
Professor Isaac Weiner, TR 12:30-5:15
What does religion sound like? Where should one go to hear it? In this course, we will learn to listen for religion here in central Ohio. Part of our time will be spent in the classroom, reading and thinking about religion, sound, and space, listening to recordings, and learning how to conduct community-based research and high-quality audio recordings. Part of our time will be spent “in the field,” exploring how religion is practiced throughout central Ohio and producing our own digital recordings of the sounds of local religious life. These recordings will eventually be integrated into an ongoing scholarly research initiative called “The Religious Soundmap Project of the Global Midwest.” Students in this course will cultivate a new set of theoretical tools for making “sense” of American religion, will acquire new practical skills such as digital sound recording and editing, will learn more about the diverse social landscape of our local surroundings, and will contribute to an exciting new collaborative research project and public initiative. Please direct questions to Prof. Isaac Weiner,


Summer Session
CS 1100 – Introduction to Humanities
MWF 2:15
TR 11:10
Explores the role of literature and the arts in constructing, maintaining, and questioning the values and beliefs of diverse cultures and historical periods; topics vary.  GE Literature and Diversity: Global Studies. 
CS 2367.04 – Science and Technology in American Culture
TR 9:35
Role of science and technology in contemporary American society; their relationship to human values; sources of concern about their impact; evaluation of selected issues. GE Writing and Communication: Level 2 and Cultures and Ideas and Diversity: Social Diversity in the US
CS 2367.08 – American Identity in the World
MWF 3:00
American culture viewed from inside and from the perspective of foreign cultures, as seen in literature, film, art, music, journalism, folklore, and popular culture. GE Writing and Communication: Level 2 and Cultures and Ideas and Diversity: Social Diversity in the US.