Summer 2019 Undergraduate Classes


Comparative Studies 1100 Introduction to the Humanities: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Elizabeth Vu | Hagerty Hall 062 | TuTh 2:50PM-6:00PM 

Explores the role of literature and the arts in constructing, maintaining, and questioning the values and beliefs of diverse cultures and historical periods; topics vary.  GE Literature and Diversity: Global Studies. Honors version.

Compartative Studies 3798 Japanese Popular Culture 

Barry Shank, Melissa Curley | Hagerty Hall 071 | MoTuWeTh 11:00AM-3:00PM

This course takes up Japanese popular culture in order to get at big questions about nationalism and cosmopolitanism, appropriation and authenticity, and being human in a world of commodities. This is an intensive summer course: two weeks in Columbus and two weeks in Japan, where we will be based in Tsukuba and make trips to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Uji. Knowledge of Japanese is not required.

Religious Studies 2102.02 Comparative Sacred Texts

Michael Swartz | Mendenhall Lab 125 | MoWeFr 2:50PM-6:00PM
Introduction to religious views of the universe, the supernatural, social organization, ethics, etc., through sacred texts (oral and written) of diverse cultures and historical periods. GE Literature and Diversity: Global Studies.