The Department of Comparative Studies

The Department of Comparative Studies promotes comparative, interdisciplinary, and cross‐cultural research and teaching in the arts and sciences. The Department offers an interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate curriculum that encourages comparative perspectives on a wide range of cultural and historical discourses and practices: literary, aesthetic, folkloric, technological, scientific, religious, political, material. Faculty and faculty associates work closely with other units at Ohio State, as well as with faculty at other colleges and universities. At the graduate level, the Department offers the Master of Arts in Comparative Studies, the Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Studies, and, for graduate students across the University, a Graduate Minor in Comparative Cultural Studies. For undergraduates, the Department offers the Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Studies with specializations in Comparative Cultural Studies, Comparative Ethnic and American Studies, Comparative Literature, Folklore, Religious Studies, and Science Studies. The Department also coordinates new interdepartmental majors in World Literatures and in Religious Studies. Several undergraduate interdisciplinary minors are also housed in Comparative Studies: American Studies, Folklore, and Religious Studies. Formerly a Center, the Department of Comparative Studies has been offering an interdisciplinary curriculum in the humanities at Ohio State for more than fifty years.