Brian Rotman Releases New Play: A Land Without People

May 7, 2015

Please help us congratulate Professor Emeritus Brian Rotman on the upcoming release of his new play, A Land Without People. See information below, and this link for more information:!current-production/cb3i. 

A Land Without People
A new play by Brian Rotman

9 July - 1 August
The Courtyard Theatre (London)
A Land Without People is a powerful and moving staging of the historical events that led up to the declaration of the State of Israel in May of 1948. Its premiere, at The Courtyard Theatre in London, comes as the world marks seventy years since the end of World War Two and the liberation of the Nazi death camps.
Moral horror at the Nazi camps in which two-thirds of European Jews were exterminated, and the desperate plight of the surviving European Jews, made the long-standing Zionist attempt to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine a real possibility.
A Land Without People charts London’s political wrangling in the lead-up to the United Nations proposal to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab territories. Through meticulous research of contemporary documents, it tells the story behind the overthrow of British rule in Palestine at the hands of Zionist terrorists and the violent clearing of its Arab inhabitants that was to follow.
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AfterWords - A free post-performance discussion with invited guests
will take place on 16, 23 and 30 July.