Hispanic Oversight Committee Issues Statement

May 9, 2012

The Hispanic Oversight Committee of The Ohio State University issues this public statement to strongly condemn the recent hate crimes on and near the OSU campus and to stand in solidarity with the principles of racial justice and inclusion at the Ohio State University. As a body that seeks to represent the interests of OSU’s Hispanic/Latino/a students, faculty, and staff, the HOC strongly supports an inclusive and welcoming environment where all members of the OSU community are treated with respect. Hate speech and acts of intimidation to any member of our campus and community are unacceptable.

As an institution of higher learning, The Ohio State University represents the pursuit of knowledge for the greater good of society.  In our mission to educate students as citizens of a globalizing society, we must teach and model not only tolerance but respect for social difference across all lines—race, gender, class, religion, sexuality, and other categories of difference.  We urge the university administration to take an affirmative step to educate members of our community to respect one another's social differences and to do everything possible to eradicate hateful speech on our campus.

Any individual or group that fosters hatred or hostility towards others on the basis of their social difference betrays the university’s mission and our commitment to creating a more informed and educated public. We do not believe that an individual or handful of misguided individuals should shape our ongoing conversation about who we are and what we should become in regards to diversity and inclusion. We support open and respectful dialogue that will lead to a more inclusive campus for all, particularly those who have historically been underrepresented at the university, and hope that in the pursuit of social justice and better understanding of one another we can perfect our democracy.  As a university seeking eminence, we should not aspire to anything less.