Isaac Weiner's Book Reviewed by Marginalia Book Review

June 24, 2014

Professor Issac Weiner's book Religion Out Loud (2013 NYU Press) was recently reviewed by Richard Kent Evans of Marginalia Review of Books in an article entitled "Social Power, Pluralism, and Religious Sound in America". 

An excerpt from the review: 

"Isaac Weiner’s Religion Out Loud investigates the ways in which American law sought to regulate the increasingly pluralistic religious soundscape of American cities.

Weiner explains his approach to religious sound with an analogy borrowed from anthropologist Mary Douglas who defined dirt as “matter out of place.” Matter becomes unwanted dirt only when it is somewhere it doesn’t belong. Religious noise, then, is religious sound that is out of place. The inhabitants of Cairo expect to hear the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, but the same sound broadcast from a newly opened Bangladeshi Mosque in suburban Detroit drew complaints from local residents who apparently viewed it as unwelcome noise." 

You can find the full article here: Richard Kent Evans on Religion Out Loud