Students in CS 4597.03 Global Folklore Class videoconference with students at the American University of Cairo

December 1, 2014
Video Conference on Global Folklore

On November 12 and 19 Comparative Studies undergrads in Professor Katherine Borland's Global Folklore course embarked on a global conversation about global folklore in film with students from Prof. Riham Bahi’s class at the American University of Cairo.  Our conversation veered constructively from our film texts to a comparison of traditions of civic engagement and protest.  The North American students worked to explain slactivism, low mid-term election turn out, and we  did our best to explain why racism continues to exist in the midwest.  AUC students described continuing generalized unrest in Cairo that is not just religiously based and a regrettable continuation of class-based discrimination at the University even after the revolution.   



Long View of Videoconference

Student Talking

Listening to the Students in Cairo

AUC Students Explaining