Deanna Holroyd

Deanna, a young woman with dark, wavy hair, is standing in front of some trees and smiling into the camera. She is wearing a red shirt and matching red lipstick.

Deanna Holroyd

Ph.D. Student, University Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Comparative Politics
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • Identity Politics
  • Race and Gender Construction


  • MA (Cum Laude) in International Relations: Culture and Politics from Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • BA (1st Class Hons) in Modern Languages and Cultures: German and Russian from Durham University, England

Born and raised in the north of England, Deanna has spent the past few years studying and/or working in the UK, Germany, Czechia, Russia, The Netherlands and China (and picking up some languages along the way). Now in her first year as a PhD student at OSU, Deanna's research interests have stemmed from her experiences living around the world. 

Broadly speaking, Deanna examines topics sitting at the intersection of culture, politics, and social phenomena. In other words, she asks questions regarding how cultural products shape, and are shaped by, national and group identity politics, and how this is then reflected in society.

Deanna's primary research interests concern the rise of right-wing politics in Europe and the USA, and its impact on diaspora and minority groups. She is also intrigued by the cultural concept of 'The American Dream' and how its international dissemination has impacted migration and identity formation