Katie Kotol

HR/Fiscal Manager
Katie is new to the 4th floor of Hagerty, but she has been at Ohio State for over a decade working mostly in grants administration. In her most recent position, she was Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist in the Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute. She comes to us highly recommended for her service orientation and her attention to detail. Katie handles Human Resources, Payroll, Departmental Budgets, and Fee Waiver Information for the Comparative Studies, Germanic, and Slavic departments.
Travel: T-number and reimbursement requests
To request a T-number, please submit an on-line request with supporting documentation through:
https://etravel.osu.edu  Send your T-number request to Katie. 
Need help filling out the T request? See this how-to guide.

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Hagerty Hall 446
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