Ko Rupert

Ko is riding a shopping kart down a sidewalk

Ko Rupert

M.A. Student, Graduate Enrichment Fellow


Areas of Expertise

  • Constructed Languages
  • Esperanto Philosophy and Politics
  • Queer and Feminist Theory and Praxis
  • Youth Liberation Theory and Praxis


  • BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Political Ecology (Personalized Studies Program) from The Ohio State University - Minor in Geography

Ko is a first year MA student in the department. Three areas she does work within include:

1) grassroots organizing of queer and trans youth (keywords: youth liberation, self-directed education, land based education, youth geographies, social movements)

2) theorizing queer materiality and spaces (keywords: queer ecologies, karst, ash, cruising, soil, queer geographies, death studies, indoor ecosystems, geomorphology, xenogenders)

3) Esperanto history, politics, and philosophies (keywords: raĆ­mismo, universalism, globalization, anti-nationalism, constructed languages)