New Article to be Published in 'Bulgarian Ethnology'

April 1, 2022

New Article to be Published in 'Bulgarian Ethnology'

Three people sitting and talking

Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate and GAHDT Fellow Sarah Craycraft, who's article "Young in the Village: The Residency Project as Experimental Form of Village Revitalization," has been published in a special issue of Bulgarian Ethnology (Issue 1, 2022) on the topic of urban-rural migration!

The article analyzes three intergenerational village residencies: Granny Residence, Accept Me in the Village, and Borrowed Village. These experimental, aspirational forms of revitalization allow participants to “play village,” adding a fascinating dimension to a larger wave of urbanites who see potential in rural spaces. Drawing on participant observation and subject-centered interviews, Sarah compares the features of these projects and suggests that attention to residencies, as forms of interaction which provide symbolic connections to rural places and people, allows for a deeper understanding of what is at stake in revitalization work.

The article has not yet been uploaded to the journal's site; we will update this page with a link to the article when it becomes available.