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Folklore Requirements

 Advising Sheet FKL [pdf]

Relevant Courses for the Upcoming Term

All major areas of concentration in Comparative Studies require a total of 36 credits, including at least one “foundation course” in the area of concentration; remaining courses fulfill interdisciplinary/thematic/comparative and distribution requirements. All Comparative Studies students should work with their advisers to develop a strong, coherent, individualized program.

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The concentration in Folklore requires the following:

1. Required courses (10 credit hours):

The following is required:

  • 2099 The Question of Comparative Studies
  • 2350 Introduction to Folklore
  • 3990 Approaches to Comparative Studies
  • 4990 Senior Seminar in Comparative Studies

 2. Concentration Core (15 credit hours):

  • CS 3657 Contemporary Folklore in the Arab World
  • CS 4577.01 Folklore I: Groups and Communities
  • CS 4577.02 Folklore II: Genre, Form, Meaning and Use
  • CS 4577.03 Folklore III: Issues and Methods
  • CS 4597.03 Global Folklore
  • CS 4598 American Regional Cultures in Transition
  • CS 4655 Studies in Ethnography
  • CS 4658 (3658) Folklore of the Americas
  • CS 5189-S Comparative Studies Field School
  • CS 5957.01 Comparative Folklore
  • CS 5857.02 Folklore in Circulation
  • East Asian 5477 Performance Traditions in Contemporary East Asia
  • International Studies 4800 Cultural Diplomacy
  • Linguistics 3602 Language and Social Identity in the US
  • NELC 5568 Orality and Literacy
  • Scandinavian 3350 Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture

3. Electives (12 credit hours):

Students should develop a field of focus within their studies, for example, on a particular geographical region, historical period, or ethnic group (e.g. the ancient or modern Middle East, Appalachian or Mexican culture); a particular medium, theme, or genre (e.g., verbal arts and literature or art and material culture); or folklore and a particular domain of culture (e.g., folklore and religion).  The list of courses that satisfy this requirement are below.


Comparative Studies electives
Anthropology electives
Arabi electives
Chinese electives
Classics electives
East Asian electives
English electives
Korean electives
Medieval and Renaissance Studies electives
Modern Greek electives
Music electives
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures electives
Persian electives
Russian electives
Scandinavian electives
Slavic electives

Comparative Studies (department list)

  • 2105 Literature and Ethnicity
  • 2264 Reading Popular Culture
  • 2301 Intro to World Literature
  • 2360 Intro to Comparative Cultural Studies
  • 3360 Intro to Globalization and Culture
  • 3657 Contemp Folklore in the Arab World
  • 3686 Cultural Studies of American Musics
  • 3689 Transnationalism & Culture in the Americas
  • 4658 Folklore of the Americas
  • 4661 (3661) Folklore of the Americas
  • 4803 Asian American Literature and Culture
  • 4804 Latino/a Literature and Culture
  • 4822 Native American Identity
  • 4871 Religion and American Politics
  • 4873 Contemporary Religious Movements in Global Context
  • 4874 (3874) New Age and New Religious Movements
  • 4875 Gender, Sexuality, and Religion
  • 5668 Studies in Orality and Literacy

Anthropology (department list)

  • 3334 Zombies: The Anthropology of the Undead
  • 5624 Anthropology of Food: Culture, Society, and Eating        
  • 5625 Anthropology of Religion
  • 5650 Research Design and Ethnographic Methods

Arabic (department list)

  • 2241 Culture of the Contemporary Arab World
  • 2704 The Arabian Nights
  • 3301 Contemporary Folklore in the Arab World
  • 5702 Arabic Folk Narrative in Translation

 Chinese (department list)

  • 5400  Performance Traditions of China

Classics (department list)

  • 2220 Classical Mythology
  • 2220H HOnors Classical Mythology
  • 3404 Magic in the Ancient World

East Asian (department list)

  • 1231 East Asian Humanities
  • 3457 East Asian Folklore
  • 5477 Performance Traditions in Contemporary East Asia

English (department list)

  • 2367.05 The U.S. Folk Experience
  • 4554 English Studies and Gloval Human Rights
  • 4559 Intro to Narrative and Narrative Theory
  • 4571 Studies in the English Language

Korean (department list)

  • 5400 Performance Traditions of Korea

Medieval and Renaissance Studies (department list)

  • 2666 Magic and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • 4504 The Arthurian Legends

Modern Greek (department list)

  • 2680 Folklore of Contemporary Greece

Music (department list)

  • 5675 Russian Folk Tradition

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (department list)

  • 3280 Everyday Life in South Asia
  • 3700 Mythology of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • 5668 Studies in Orality and Literacy
  • 5672 Poetry and Politics in the Mediterranean

Persian (department list)

  • 2301 Persian Mythology and Folklore
  • 2704 Intro to Persian Epic

Russian  (department list

  • 3644 Russian Fairy Tales and Folklore

Scandinavian  (department list

  • 3350 Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture
  • 5150 Introduction to Old Norse-Icelandic
  • 5151 Topics in Scandinavian Studies (with appropriate topic)
  • 5251 The Icelandic Saga

Slavic  (department list)

  • 2230 Vampires, Monstrosity, and Evil: from Slavic Myth to Twilight

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