Picture for armstrong.202

Philip Armstrong
Professor, Chair of Graduate Studies
  • Political Theory
  • Visual Culture

Picture for barchiesi.1

Franco Barchiesi
Associate Professor
  • South African Politics and History
  • African Social Movements
  • Labor Studies

Picture for borland.19

Katherine Borland
Associate Professor & Director of...
  • Latin American Folklore
  • Traditional Narrative
  • Ethnography Method

Picture for bortoli.1

Lucia Bortoli
Senior Lecturer
  • Studies in Subjectivity
  • Women and Migrant Literature

Melissa Curley Headshot

Melissa Curley
Assistant Professor
  • Japanese Religions
  • Buddhism and Modernity
  • Religion and the Body

Picture for delgadillo.3

Theresa Delgadillo
  • Latino/s Studies
  • Religion and Literature
  • Visual Culture and Music

Picture for flagler.4

Moriah Flagler
Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Theatre
  • Comparative Studies

Picture for flores.154

Nicholas "Nic" Flores
Associated Faculty
  • Cultural Studies
  • Ethnic and American Studies
  • Science and Technology Studies

Picture for hanson.94

Susan Hanson
614 292-7479
  • Folklore
  • Literacy Studies
  • Performance Studies

Picture for holland.1

Eugene Holland
Emeritus Professor
  • Critical Social and Cultural Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Comparative Literature

Picture for horn.5

David Horn
  • Cultural and social theory
  • Social technologies
  • Cultural and historical studies of...

Picture for jesser.2

Nancy Jesser
Senior Lecturer
  • Critical race theory
  • Feminist science studies
  • Environmental studies

Picture for johnston.2

Sarah Iles Johnston
Arts & Humanities Distinguished...
  • Archaic Greek Poetry
  • Myth
  • Religions of the Ancient...

Picture for jones.70

Lindsay Jones
Emeritus Professor
  • History of Religions
  • Theory, Methods and History of...
  • Comparative Sacred Architecture

Picture for kasulis.1

Thomas Kasulis
Professor Emeritus, University...
  • Japanese Religious Thought and...
  • Comparative Religion

Picture for korang.1

Kwaku Korang
Associate Professor
  • Critical and Cultural Theory
  • Colonialism and Post-colonialism
  • Literature


Rick Livingston
Assistant Director, Humanities...
  • Literary and Cultural Theory
  • Post-Colonial Studies
  • 20th Century Literature

Picture for low.89

John N. Low
Associate Professor
  • American Indian Studies, local and...
  • Museum Studies, Material Culture,...
  • Federal Indian Law and Treaty...

Picture for martinez.475

Miranda Martinez
Associate Professor
  • Latino and Puerto Rican Studies
  • Urban Studies

Picture for noyes.10

Dorothy Noyes
  • Ethnography
  • Performance
  • Folklore

Picture for payne.9

Jason Payne

Picture for perez.390

Ashley Pérez
Assistant Professor
  • Latin American and Latino/a...
  • Narratology and narrative ethics
  • Youth culture and literacy...

Picture for reff.1

Daniel Reff
Emeritus Professor
  • Ethnohistory
  • Colonial Latin America
  • Early Christianity

Picture for rotman.3

Brian Rotman
Professor Emeritus
  • Semiotics
  • Cultural studies of mathematics

Picture for shank.46

Barry Shank
Professor and Department Chair
  • Capitalism and Sentiment
  • U.S. Cultural Theory
  • Cultural Theory

Picture for stevens.368

Maurice Stevens
  • American identities, visual...
  • Historiography and historical...
  • Critical race theory

Picture for tamarkin.7

Noah Tamarkin
Assistant Professor
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Political and Legal Anthropology
  • Ethnography

Picture for urban.41

Hugh Urban
  • Sexuality
  • Secrecy
  • Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies

Picture for watson.235

Julia Watson
Professor Emerita
  • Theorizing Autobiography
  • Life Narrative
  • Feminist Theory and Women's...

Picture for webber.1

Sabra Webber
Professor Emerita
  • Folklore
  • North Africa and the Arab world

Picture for weiner.141

Isaac Weiner
Associate Professor
  • Religion and law
  • Material and sensory cultures of...
  • Religion and sound